Horace Colbert

Vice President

Charlet Roberts
Our President and Youth Mentor spends time creating ideas to keep our W.E. girls busy to help stimulate their sense of beauty.

Levette Newsome

Our Chief of Development makes sure we're where people need us and spends her free time uplifting elders in our community.

Pearline Garvey 
‚ÄčOur Volunteer Coordinator spends her free time inspiring others any way she can.

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John 15:12

 Women's Empowerment Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) certified organization founded in Houston, Texas January 2013 and was created to devote our energy to passionately advocate for the hungry, needy and politically under-represented members of our global family. 




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Women's Empowerment Foundation (W.E)  was built to inspire, encourage, and empower women in transition to accomplish their goals and aspirations.W.E also offer six different programs that assist low income and disabled families as well. 

Working with my community to encourage, uplift, and motivate other women ignites a fire inside of me that I can't put out. Knowing that it only takes one to make a difference empowers me and now I understand my worth. We are all valuable, we are all queens! Let's help each other out so that we can become face to face with our dreams. "

One of the programs W.E offer and are now advocating is the D. Kelly Program, which is an advocate for stoping gun violence. W.E are trying to save lives by educating the community on statistics of crime and encouraging each other to embrace and love one another community functions. 

Urgent Projects

Women's Empowerment Foundation

Women's Empowerment is not just a foundation, it's a movement. W.E. are here to form teams for the King by assisting Him in not only encouraging women but feeding and clothing the homeless, helping the sick, and assisting those in their time of transition. For more information on joining this movement please inbox us at wef@wearewe.com

Jazmine Jones

Founder and CEO

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"Creating Queens out of Dreams"